WOOP what’s that?

WOOP what’s that?

Well, Mark Waldman explains well:

HAVE YOU TRIED TO ”WOOP” ANYTHING TODAY? Developed by research psychologist Oettingen, WOOP stands for: wish, outcome, obstacle, plan.

  1. First visualize your goal or desire in great detail.
  2. Then visualize all of the benefits you’d get if you achieved that wish/desire/goal.
  3. Next – and some people balk at this essential step – visualize all of the obstacles that are stopping you from attaining that goal. After all, if you can’t see the problem you can’t find a solution, and some wishes are just plain unrealistic (outrageous example: you wish for a million dollars to be delivered to you tomorrow). Now you can do Step
  4. Visualize and plan a strategy that will move you toward your goal. If you can’t come up with one, ask for help, learn new skills, or change your wish. To appreciate the power of this simple technique, do it 2-3 times a day with small desires. Try it now: think of something you desire, visualize it and the reward, visualize the obstacle and your solution to it.

Oettigen’s research showed that you have to do WOOP in that exact order. You have to deeply visualize your wish/desire/goal, taking several minutes to do so. Same with visualizing the outcome. Take your fantasy as far as you can. Then, when you visualize your obstacles, write down as many as you can envision. If the obstacles are real, and you don’t have an effective plan to overcome them, Oettigen suggests you take that wish/desire off your list and pick a more realistic one. Try doing this 4 step process with another person who can help you identify obstacles you are overlooking.

REMEMBER: IT’S VISUALIZING THE OBSTACLE AND THEN VISUALIZING WAYS TO OVERCOME IT THAT IS A CORE ELEMENT FOR SUCCESS. Best to write down the obstacles (or your sabotage behaviors) and then write out a plan.

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