About me

About me

My name is Carina Lidbom and I have been working as an actress for over 30 years. Also as a director, lecturer, columnist and I have written 4 books for children.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden out in the archipelago. Love nature, animals, learning new things and traveling ! I was brought up in Liberia, West Africa and since my teens I’ve been traveling all over the globe. Apart from 4 years Drama-school, I have also studied History of Sciences and History of Arts and Architecture at Uppsala University.

About 10 years ago, life changed. It was small things at first, but eventually I understood that I wanted something else in life, too. I had been working day and night for years with theatre, TV, movies etc and I just felt a bit worn out. The chafing sensation within, that it wasn’t fun anymore.

I had my ”vision-book” and wrote on the first page: I want to work whenever I want, and wherever I want”. I decided to have fully trust in the Universe to give me what I needed. I have been a believer of Law of Attraction so I started to put myself in a state of “nothing” when I was meditating. Things started to happen and I opened my heart for what was coming to me.

I didn’t know at that time that I would be a Life-Coach and to feel such a passion to help people help themselves!

One thing lead to another. It was as if the Universe carefully pushed me in the right direction by leaving signs on my path everyday.

Finally, I took the decision to be a Certified Law-of-Attraction Life Coach. I started off during one of my tours around Sweden with a comedy. The best decision I’ve made, and the 1 1/2 year I studied was tough -due to all hours on the road and studying-  but oh so much fun! Not only everything I learnt, but also all the people I got to know through my computer! That I could be connected with people all around the world! What a blessing!

Even if I work 7 days a week now,  I’m full of energy! I still work as an actress too, with the wonderful feeling that I can choose what I want to do.

I now work whenever I want, wherever I want. Freedom!