What is Law of Attraction?

What is Law of Attraction?

Your brain loves focus! And where your focus is, your point of attraction, you will get more of. Where you put your energy, your strength, will grow.

We are vibrational beings and we will always find a vibrational match. Are you aware of your thoughts and emotions? We have tendencies to put more energy on the negative side, and we are creatures of habit!

But with training – it can be changed! What you think and feel, you attract!

It is changing your mindset. You might have beliefs that doesn’t serve you anymore, or maybe never has? A belief is basically a thought you have been thinking over and over again. Time for new beliefs? And remember – you are the creator of your own life!

So, the first step is awareness. What do you want to manifest?

Most of the time, people give up and say ”this doesn’t work”! Just by saying that, puts them off the vibration they were in (when they wanted something). Your mind takes the easy way, the way you usually think.

Probably you don’t plant a seed, and then stare at the soil for a while and then give up? ”See, I knew it didn’t work”!!!
No, you know there will be a flower, and you know it takes a bit of time, and you know you have to nurture it. Trust and Patience.

It’s the same with your new idea, thought, vision; be patient and trust that it will come to you. Nurture it with positive thoughts and think of it as if it is already manifested.

The best thing….you can choose your thoughts! If you are on the right path, you will feel it!